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December 28, 2010

Keluarga saya


Ok.. now..nak cite pasal my adlah anak sulong dari 4 org adik beradik yg kesemuanya permpuan..sbg kkak..I have my responsible to protect my sister.. :))
Since my family is not from rich mempunyai cita2 utk m'bhgiakan my parents wit my own efforts..sorry if broken english....tak sabar nk abis diploma ni..I hope I will grad on the time...InsyaAllah..So that, I can work for help my family..skrg tinggal 2
org je yg msh skolah...ringanlah skit beban my parents...huuh..I want my sister will futher stdy soon..As a older sister...I should be have a good character to show to them....I cnnot "gedik" too much...cnnot "gatal" too much...(this not me ok)....heheh..sbb nye...boleh la aku sound dorang if dorg wat smething yg x betul...I dont want they say "akk pn mcm tu"....oh no no no...

ok..emm..satu ayat nk share dgn my viewers .." wherever u stay, ur parent's house is the best place for u, eventhough u have ur own place with ur husband".. sangat menyayangi keluarga sy.....

my family is everything for me...
inilah keluarga bhgia sy..


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