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May 8, 2013

Bila awek ex jd stalker !


tajuk entry tu poyo je lebih...ahahhahh..xde ape la...evento, kite ni dah lama x contact each other..but, serba sedikit mesti kita tahu perihal ex kita itteww kan..hahha..It's smething shock la to me, when ur gf follow me on twitter...add me in facebook...I dont know, she's just adding without knowing nothing or mmg sesaja nk follow ex bf dia ini...aherherher

Not a big deal la for me.... benda da lepas, I dont want it to bother me, and I'm not interesting at all la with all the things happen to both of u...since "the date" I still believe U are the one who responsible to our "break"...hahhahaha..boleh mcm tu?

so, to those yg terasa..actually..I was forgot everything that I've been through with "urs", skrg ni mmg dah xde apa2 dah yg aku rasa....dah x rasa nk balik semula, or berbaik, berkawan whatsoever dgn kekasih awak ittewww..dont worry.. aku bukan perampas, and aku pn xnak terhegeh2 dekat org yg mmg dah leave me before....prinsip aku senang je, time dia jd "milik" kau, treat he/she well, setia, and the best for your relationship..but ...once its "broken", ....there's no point to u for looking back ...just forget it....that's what I do..

well..mmg since "hari tu", aku mmg da x pna serius bercintan2 ni...just going with the flow, bila da smpai seru Allah datangkan lelaki yg nak jadi suami aku..I just follow .. 


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