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March 7, 2012

Lawak Suami Isteri

jom gelak!!!

to wife2..jangan marah ye..

Situasi 1 :

An angry wife to her husband on phone: "Where the hell are you ?"
Husband: Darling, you remember that jewellery shop where you saw the diamond necklace and totally fell In love with it, and I didn't have money that time, and I said, "Baby, it'll be yours one day?
Wife (with a smile & blushing) : Yeah, I remember that my love!
Husband: I am in the pub just next to that shop
Wife slapped phone.

situasi 2 :

New SIM to surprise her husband
Woman buys a new SIM Card and puts it In her phone and decides to surprise her husband who Is seated on the couch In the living room.

She goes to the kitchen, calls her husband with the new number: "Hello Darling"

The husband responds in a low tone: "Let me call you back "

Later the husband called back the number, "OK honey, the dumb lady is in the kitchen"

situasi 3 :

A Wife treats Hubby By Taking Him To A Lap Dance Club For His Birthday...

At the Club :
Doorman says: "Hi Jim how are you?"
Wife asks: "How does he knows you?"
Jim says: "I plays football with him "

Inside :
Barman says: "The usual Jim?"
Jim quickly says to Wife, "Before you say anything, he's on the darts team in my local ."

Next :
A lap dancer says: "Hi Jim! Do you crave Special again?

The wife storms out dragging Jim with her and jumps into a taxi.

Driver says, "Hey Jimmy Boy, You picked up an ugly one this time !"

Jim's funeral is on Sunday

situasi 4 :

Wife: "Honey, what are you looking for? "
Husband: "Nothing "
Wife: "Why have you been reading our marriage certificate for an hour !"
Husband: "I was just looking for the expiry date ."

situasi 5 :

Doctor: "Madam, your husband needs rest and peace, so here are some sleeping pills. "
Wife: "Doc, when should I give them to him?"
Doctor: "They are for you !!!"


cukuplah 5 dulu ye....actually ade lebih dari 10 lawak suami isteri ni dalam email time aku share lg ye...

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Liza Abu Bakar said...

situasi 3 yg driver says memang hot lah.. he..he..

Kesayangan Kisahati ^---^

Kesayangan Kisahati ^---^